Case Studies - Manufacturing

Manufacturing/Warehouses and Wholesalers 

Popcorn Audio provides a wide range of audio visual equipment and solutions for the manufacturing sector, including big warehouses and wholesalers areas

We design and supply audio solutions that are especially made for big areas. Our systems can meet specific requirements such as zone calls and pre-recorded emergency messages.

Our Public Address systems can easily be integrated with other security systems such as fire alarm units. 

Bellow, you can find an audio case study, designed and handed over to one of our clients in Hertford.


This factory is equipped with a PA system for background music and voice announcements. There are two paging microphones with zone selection: one in the main reception and the other in the production’s office.

Both microphones have dedicated push buttons to trigger pre-recorded messages, stored in the message player at the main cabinet.

Due to the kind of environment, the speakers installed in the factory and loading bay areas deliver high sound pressure levels. The loading bay is covered by exponential speakers, and the factory is provided with sound projectors, specially designed for music and voice reproduction.

The canteen, office and reception areas are fitted with Hi-Fi quality speakers, each zone with its own volume control.