Our Portfolio

Our portfolio is extensive and, with so many installations concluded, it would be impossible to include every single project in this page. Nevertheless, this brief showcase it's not only a small demonstration of our expertise, but also a display of some of our latest installations.

We thank our clients the opportunity given to grow side-by-side, with the continuous and reciprocal trust and support.

Get in touch with us and let's us participate in your new project.

Indian Embassy - London

We've been providing the Indian Embassy in London with customised audio visual systems.

Several meeting rooms and multi functional halls have been fitted with fully automated systems, top of the range video projectors and high quality audio products such as Sennheiser wireless microphones, Crown amplification, Ikon video controllers, among others.



Roko Health Club - Portsmouth

In the heart of Portsmouth, Roko is a premium health club and gym with an endless list of cutting edge facilities that will take your breath away. 

We refurbished the sound system of the two main studios, with the installation of new amplifiers and new audio media players.

The audio media player can play music either through USB/SD card, phono jack or wireless via bluetooth. With an input for a microphone, teachers can use their wireless microphones while playing music through their tablets or phones.

Hudson's Brasserie - London

Hudson's Brasseries is one of our newest clients in London.

With an outstanding restaurant design and even better food quality, Hudson's customers enjoy their meals in a relaxed atmosphere filled with flavour and sound.

The restaurant's choice of music is mostly jazz and chillout sessions, and it's played through an high quality sound system, designed to meet special requirements.

All speakers are carefully hidden on the top of the lighting trays, out of sight, covering all the areas of the restaurant with Hi-Fi quality.

Southgate Progressive Synagogue

The Hall of this Synagogue was subject to a complete audio refurbishment. 

Initially provided with a poor sound system, the Synagogue was struggling to perform their activities due to the lack of power and constant equipment faults. 

We were asked to totally refurbish the sound system and provide an easy-to-setup audio solution for all kind of activities in the Hall.

Managing the whole system is an Allen Heath digital mixer, configured for different kinds of events. With a press of a button, the Synagogue has its sound system automatically adapted to the performance, and ready to work.

A multi-zone amplifier was added to the system providing more flexibility and sound balance between all the speakers.

Hillborough Junior School

Hillborough Junior School in Luton was equipped with a totally new audio visual and stage lighting systems.

The project involved a deep understanding of the school's needs, and all the equipment was carefully chosen to perform flawlessly for many years.

The hall is equipped with a digital sound mixing system, specially configured for each one of the school's activities.

The sound system is interconnected with the video presentation system, which includes two top of the range ultra short throw video projectors, delivering  an HD image of 4 mts wide.

The hall is also provided with multiple connection points for laptops, iPods and microphones.

The stage lighting is a flexible system, with several lighting bars across the hall and DMX connections for the different light effects, including two moving heads.

Creams Cafe

Based in Crawley and Hounslow, Creams Cafe shops are provided with audio visual systems to impress the clients.

Each shop is equipped with several big TV screens, being one of them a 90 inch LED TV.

The video system in both shops is managed by a digital signage system, integrated with the sound system.

Pendant speakers were made by special order to match the interior design. The sound system is powerful, delivering high quality music reproduction.

Madeira Parliament

Working for a local contractor, we did the project and the installation of this conference and voting system in Madeira.

The conference system was made by special order, to meet the interior design team requirements.

All the delegates and president units were reduced by 70% from its original size and even the colour was chosen to match the desks.

The conference and voting system is controlled by software and it's interconnected to the parliament sound system.

TooTooMoo Restaurants

TooTooMoo is a fast growing restaurant and it has been our client for some years.

TooTooMoo specialises in high quality Asian food and offers to their clients some unique menus.

With several restaurants across London, we've been providing TooTooMoo with background music systems, carefully chosen to match each restaurant exclusive interior design.

Some of the restaurants have private areas and multi-zone systems were installed, allowing the independent control of the music for each area.

Guns & Smoke

Based in Barnet, North London, Guns & Smoke it's a restaurant and a live music venue, being one of the few restaurants in North London that offers live music every day of the week.

The restaurant is provided with 2 independent sound systems: one for the stage and another for the restaurant, both delivering either background music, or live music performances.

Both sound systems are extremely powerful and the stage is provided with all the gear needed for up to 8 musicians, including stage box connections and monitoring system.