Case Studies - Retail


Audio visual systems on retail environments can help to increase sales and largely improves customers' experience.

We design and install systems for background music, voice alarm, digital signage and IP audio network applications.

We work with an extensive selection of speakers, suitable for all kinds of interior designs and power demands.

Most of our amplifiers include MP3 players/recorders and Bluetooth receiver, offering great flexibility and reliability.  

Bellow, you can find some audio visual case studies, designed and handed over to some of our retail clients.

Retail shop

This retail shop has 2 different zones and it’s provided with a background music and voice announcement systems.

The mixer/amplifier includes USB/SD card inputs for MP3 files, and a digital Tuner.

Voice announcements and in-store advertising are managed by a digital microphone console, with an MP3 player/recorder built-in.

Through a connection with a PC via USB port, audio MP3 files can be transferred between the PC and the microphone.

Four coaxial in-ceiling speakers and four 2-way wall mounted speakers deliver high quality sound in all the shop, covering an area of 900 sq ft. (aprox.).


Fitted with a multi-zone amplifier and a multi-zone paging microphone, this supermarket has different requirements in each area.

Different types of speakers were used, due to the different scenarios:

Zone 2 - Warehouse. The only requirement was to have good voice intelligibility. The solution was to have High SPL sound projectors installed, serving an area of 2000 sq ft (aprox).

Zone 1 - Main shopping area. Music and voice announcements were required. Because of the extremely high ceiling, pendant speakers were installed with a 6” coaxial driver and a power of 30W RMS each.

Zone 4 - Coffee Shop. Music was the only requirement for the coffee shop area. With an area of aprox 300 sq ft, we installed three Hi-Fi wall mount speakers.

Zone 5 - Entrance corridor. Music was the only requirement for this area. With a low plaster ceiling, four coaxial in-ceiling speakers are serving this area.

The Fire Alarm Unit it's linked to the PA system and it triggers an evacuation message in case of a fire alarm.