Case Studies - Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality 

Music and food is undoubtedly connected to our senses, and restaurants know how important it is to make their clients feel comfortable. Enjoying the perfect meal on the perfect atmosphere, increases business and customers' satisfaction.

We design music systems for restaurants, bars and pubs, as well as advanced audio visual integrated systems for hotel meeting rooms, live music venues and theatres.

Either if you're looking of a background music solution, a live music PA or an audio visual presentation system, we can study and offer you the right equipment that will meet your requirements.

Bellow, you can find some audio visual case studies, designed and handed over to some of our Tourism & Hospitality clients.


This restaurant in North London has a private dining room and, as an addition to the sound system, the requirement for this area was to provide a wall plate that could allow the clients to plug and play music from their phones.

This was achieved with a digital wall plate, and the customers can now listen to their own music (overriding the music from the main area), and even mix their own voice, with a microphone input also available.

The sound system is managed  by a matrix/amplifier, allowing different music sources to play in different areas.

The bar and private dining areas are served by Hi-Fi quality wall mount speakers, and the main dining area is covered by Hi-Fi quality in-ceiling speakers.

Bar/Restaurant and live music venue - Sound system

The owner of this bar/restaurant asked us to provide a high quality sound system for all the areas of the venue. With live music every day of the week, the sound system for the stage was also a part of our project.

With the exception of the toilets, we installed high quality wall mount speakers in all zones, serving an area of 2.500 sq ft aprox.

The stage was provided with a professional PA system. A total of 1.500W RMS are delivered by two main speakers, one 18 inch sub-woofer, power amplifiers and an Allen & Heath digital mixer controlled via WiFi through an iPad and/or laptop.

A monitoring system with two self-powered floor monitors receives the signal through the existing stage box.

The system also allows to play the background music through the stage speakers, and/or the band’s performance through the wall mounted speakers.

The owner also asked us for a video solution to record the live performances. Bellow the video project for the same venue. 

Bar/Restaurant and live music venue - video

The requirements for the video project were to record the band’s live performances and, simultaneously, having the venue TVs showing the live performances.

Two discreet high definition Sony PTZ cameras were installed in the ceiling, connected to a Sony PTZ controller.

To send the video signal to the flat TVs we provided a Kramer HDMI video matrix, controlled remotely via RS232. The video matrix receives the signal from three sources - Freeview, Sky Box and the cameras - and allows to send any of these video sources to any of the TVs.

A few months later, we added to the system a video web streamer, and the venue is currently streaming live performances on Youtube and Facebook channels.